The Choices You Make May Affect Your Home Sale


One of the advantages of owning your own home is the ability to decorate it and make structural changes the way you like. However, when it comes time to list and sell that same home, those changes may help or hurt you depending on what you have done to the house.

When it comes to homes listed for sale, being unique can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing if what makes the home unique is appealing to most. For instance, the only lot with a larger than normal backyard. It’s a curse, if the home is unique because of its outrageous color, or incredibly small storage space.

If, for example, a two bedroom home was remodeled to remove a closet and make the room a den or study, this could negatively impact the home because it will appear to many buyers that while the room can be used for sleeping, it’s not practical because it lacks a closet. Many buyers will see this as a flaw. While they might appreciate space for a den or office, it’s better to not remove the closet because then when it comes time to sell it, the den can be shown as both – an office or a bedroom.

Wood floors offer a timeless appeal to the masses. Yes, some may not prefer wooden floors but, generally speaking, most buyers will appreciate them. They also know that they can easily cover up the wood with their own area rugs to keep the home cozier-appearing in winter months. Wood floors, kept in good condition, can create an anti-aging look. Over the decades they hold their appeal.

Slightly worn furniture. I don’t mean worn as in the baby threw up on the sofa. Rather, I’m referring to pieces of furniture that have slight imperfections. These imperfections can actually enhance the furniture. Instead of being seen as an eyesore, this style, sometimes called “distressed”, is often coveted and more easily assimilated into current decor because any slight imperfections are perceived as “the way the piece was meant to be” rather than a flaw.

When you buy something that must be kept precisely perfect like new in order for it to look good, think of a white rug. You’re in for a difficult road to keep it in its original pristine condition. Chances are that rug will be tossed out in the not-too-distant future. However, it sure looks good in the model home pictures where no one is walking on it!

Custom-designed, built-in furniture that’s meant for a specific piece of technology such as a computer or a TV can limit your home and its appeal. During the period in which the TV actually fits in the built-in cabinet, it may have mass appeal. However, because we are in rapidly changing technological times, the danger is that your beautiful custom built-in furniture may not fit future TVs. As technology evolves, things like TVs change drastically. Remember, how big a space you needed just a few years ago for a television set? Today, flat screens are the norm but eventually we might simply beam our TV screen onto an empty wall from our mobile device. Then that custom-built TV storage may simply be in the way.

Keep your decorating and remodeling to timeless styles and you’ll increase your home’s mass appeal among buyers.


Written by Phoebe Chongchua
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