Maxor National Pharmacy Services will open its first Valley facility on Aug. 28.

The call center will support the Texas-based pharmaceutical company’s MaxorPlus program, which works with individual businesses to support prescription benefits programs. MaxorPlus is Maxor’s largest business unit.

With its headquarters in Amarillo, Texas, Maxor also has offices in Plano, Texas; Sacramento, California; and opened a new Pittsburgh facility on July 25. The first wave of Phoenix employees will begin work on Aug. 19 in preparation for its opening.

“We are in crazy growth mode,” said Ashley Owen, the company’s marketing director, though she said the company does not have further plans for expansion at this time.

Maxor is currently holding interviews for Phoenix call center employees. Owen said the center will employ 60 people within the first month, and Maxor hopes to grow that number to 90 or 100 by the end of first quarter 2020.

The office in Tempe is at 8260 S. Hardy Drive. Maxor has hired an interior designer to make the office more modern and reflect the company’s culture of innovation.

Phoenix has been on the company’s list of places for possible expansion for some time. Arizona’s time zone makes it convenient to talk to clients, and many of Maxor’s remote employees already live and work in the Valley.

“It’s easy to get people to relocate here, to get clients to come here and there’s a great talent pool,” said Owen. “It made good sense for us to have a presence in Phoenix.”

By Lindsay Walker – Editorial Intern, Phoenix Business Journal