Women preparing to retire might find that their nest eggs won’t go as far men living in some states.

A new SmartAsset ranking shows which states are the home of cities that have the largest “retirement gaps” — or the biggest differences between the retirement incomes of men and women.

The No. 1 city was Orlando, Fla., where the average woman over the age of 65 has an income of $23,400, compared to a man’s income of $40,400. The gap is 58 percent.

Other cities with large gaps in retirement income include San Antonio, Texas, Stockton, Calif., Plano, Texas, Anchorage, Alaska, and Aurora, Colorado.

See how your city fared in the ranking below.

Another survey by Bankrate.com named South Dakota as the best state to retire. It won top ranking after being measured across seven criteria that included tax rates, well being, cultural vitality and quality of health care.

Other top states include New Hampshire, Utah, Idaho and Florida. That compares to an Expert Market survey that lists Hawaii as the best state for women to retire, followed by New Hampshire, Tennessee, Iowa and Delaware.