It’s no secret that quality health care is essential for longevity. Health care enables people to lead lives that are complete, meaningful and full of vitality. But while quality care is a critical element of a long and happy existence, there’s a looming issue that hinders the ability to improve patient outcomes – unstructured data.

Unstructured data is any data that resides in a variety of files, PDFs, digital scans and even paper records. Health care providers are inundated with information that is spread out across a variety of sources and are struggling how to manage and protect it. Understanding what information has value and how to use it can mean the difference between making a correct diagnosis or prescribing the wrong treatment.

As tech giants such as Google, Amazon, Apple and others continue to invest in health care, IMNA Solutions is a startup to watch. IMNA Solutions is an Israel-based software company with offices in Arizona, focused on improving quality of healthcare and reducing administrative costs as much as 60% by turning unstructured data into real-time actionable insights. The company has created IMNA Health, a patented, highly secured data collection and patient management platform that is disorder agnostic. IMNA Health uses predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to collect and extract patient healthcare information from multiple sources. The platform was designed to improve personalized health care, patient reported outcomes and clinical decision support.

After opening its first U.S. office in Maryland, IMNA Solutions decided to establish its U.S. headquarters in Scottsdale. Since locating in Arizona, IMNA Solutions has been better able to respond to its market’s growing needs. Health care is the fastest growing industry in Arizona and is home to some of the top innovations in medical research, diagnostics and treatment. The state’s business-friendly climate and support from local organizations like the Arizona Israel Technology Alliance, Arizona Commerce Authority and Arizona Technology Council have also furthered IMNA Solutions’ entry into the market. IMNA Solutions is also a proud member of Perimeter83, a one-of-a-kind corporate training and technology startup coworking space nestled on the UAT campus in Tempe, Arizona.

With a team comprised of renowned doctors, medical professionals, security specialists and data scientists, IMNA Solutions is pioneering the future of health care. IMNA Solutions’ software is HIPPA and GDPR compliant with military-grade encryption, ensuring that patient data can’t be compromised.

The IMNA Health platform is also revolutionizing the clinical trial industry by improving communication with patients and reducing patient dropout rates. According to Forte Research, a staggering 85% of clinical trials fail to retain enough patients, due lack of appreciation, misunderstood expectations, scheduling conflicts and forgetting visits—all of which are preventable with better communication. CB Insights reports that over 50% of clinical trials are rejected by the FDA due to incorrect or incomplete reported data. IMNA Health is able to improve communication by monitoring patients through their entire clinical trial journey, allowing them to update pharmacists and researchers with their feelings, concerns and symptoms in real-time. This is key, as high patient dropout rates prevent researchers from garnering sufficient patient data, which in turn prevents the FDA from approving potentially life-saving drugs.

Since its founding, IMNA Solutions has been striving to break the barriers hindering the health care industry for decades. By adopting a highly-secure data collection and patient management platform, health care professionals will have better information to better diagnose patients, improve the patient experience and ultimately save lives. After raising $3.8 million, the company has opened its post-seed round and is actively seeking new investors.

By Russ Yelton – Phoenix Business Journal Contributing Writer