Aaron Chamberlin is taking his Phoenix Public Market Cafe concept to south Tempe.

The restaurateur who is behind the downtown eatery that opened in 2012, as well as uptown restaurant St. Francis, plans to open Tempe Public Market Cafe on the northeast corner of Rural and Warner roads with summer 2017 as the tentative opening date.

The 3,200-square-foot space will parallel Phoenix Public Market Cafe’s offerings, with breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

The area Chamberlin plans to open the concept in is not well-known for its culinary scene, though Chamberlin took the same approach when he opened St. Francis in 2009 in uptown Phoenix, which at the time did not have the array of popular eateries. It seems as though he plans to change south Tempe’s dining scene with this concept.

“We see a huge opportunity in South Tempe, an area that is very much underserved when it comes to locally owned restaurants,” said Chamberlin in a statement. “The café is all about connecting the local food community by sourcing local ingredients wherever possible and providing a neighborhood gathering place to enjoy a casual meal in our dining room, a cup of coffee on our patio, or glass of local wine at our bar.”